Han Tu


I first joined Anne's Army April 2015 during a somewhat dark time in my life. I was going through some very personal, self esteem issues and I guess a quarter life crisis you could call it. I discovered Anne via Instagram and was following her for months before I decided to join the bootcamp. Her posts were always (well and still) positive, genuine, motivating and best of all relatable. 

What drew me to the bootcamp was that her program seemed like a welcoming, safe, judge free zone and as I predicted, it was. Anne is not only professional she is personable. Her workouts are challenging but nothing was impossible! Growing up I've always hated working out but the circuits she sets up for us are always fun. Best of all, I've actually grown to love exercising. One of many things I learned from this bootcamp is that one should not binge workout or starve oneself to fit into certain jeans by Friday. Within the last year Anne taught me to make some serious lifestyle changes by being patient, realistic and consistent. These changes lead me to the results I've always wanted. 

Anne's Army is much more than just fitness, it's a community. We don't just have a relationship in the gym but also outside of it. From attending charity events, to concerts and celebrating birthdays, we bring nothing but good vibes when we come together. I've met some people who changed me for the better at this bootcamp, one including Anne herself. She's not only my "trainer" but has become my mentor, & like sister. I love this girl so much! She inspires me every day. 
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