Shanice Nop

I met Anne at my first bootcamp back in January. When I stepped into her class, I didn't know everything about me was going to change. Before bootcamp, I had went through hell and back...unstable relationship, unhealthy lifestyle, drinking and name it. I had fallen into a depression, gained a ridiculous amount of weight, steered clear of my friends for almost 2 years, and kept myself isolated. 2 years ago I didn't think I was in a depression. I didn't even know what a depression was. It took me 8 months to leave my unhealthy lifestyle. I slowly began making lifestyle changes like spending more time in the sun and eating raw veggies instead of chips. I found Anne on Instagram and followed her for 6 months. I was hesitant to join her class. Finally in January, I joined. I went in hopes of coming out and looking like all of the praised social media girls who have extraordinary bodies. 

Anne, my dear, you taught me so much more than just fitness and exercising. You made me believe in myself again. Your encouragement, your realness, and your sensitivity showed me that this "bootcamp" was more than just a fitness class. My nights with you and the rest of the girls were my nights to by my entire true self with no shame or judgement. You have touched my heart in a way no one else has. You've instilled light in my darkness and I can't ever thank you enough. You are such an inspiration to me and everyone around you. Thank you for not only being a kick ass trainer, but for being the most big hearted and kindest soul in my life ️️

-ps, I still hate you when you make me run. But my booty looks mighty fine because of you

Xoxo, Shanice

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