Jenny Nguyen

I have trained with Anne Phung for a year now and it was the best decision of my life. I always had the impression that trainers will work you hard to reach your goal, but never anything long term. With Anne it’s different. She gets to know you as if you were an old friend catching up and encourages you every step of the way when you don’t feel comfortable about yourself. I was so intimidated by the gym before I met Anne. I only did cardio and Zumba and I was afraid to hit the weights when there were so many men. A year later, I have gone to the gym by myself, incorporated my version of a workout routine from training and hit the weights like a boss. I would never think I would have come to this point without Anne’s help. Let alone in one year with this changed mentality.

Anne is a genuine soul. She really cares about my well being, my personal struggles and most importantly ME. She always asks me and the other boot camp girls permission to post workouts of us and we all don’t mind. After all, those videos she has post convinced me to join in the first place. I was more than happy to if it means another person wanted to see what the program is like. I am glad that I have joined and will continuously support her. Out of this experience I gained so many girlfriends through this program and it has been nothing but positivity!!

Jenny Nguyen

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