Jade Delgado

I started training with Anne in January of 2015. I've been thin my whole life and I've always had people, especially my family, telling me that I don't look like I eat enough and that I'm too skinny and blah blah blah... But as I got into my twenties, I noticed that I was getting squishy and rounder in some areas. So I decided to make a change and I reached out to Anne when her third boot camp opened up. My goal in the beginning was just to "tone" because I was one of those girls that thought that lifting would make me look manly and that cardio was the only workout that mattered. Holy crap was I wrong!

Anne showed me that lifting is sexy and can do wonders for the body. It took me a long while to feel confident enough to lift weights on my own at my gym. It can get so intimidating being around all these people who are more muscular than you and that seem to know exactly what they're doing when you're just a newbie. Anne helped me gain the confidence I needed so that I could walk up to the weight racks and be focused on just bettering myself. It helped me block out all the distractions and the what ifs and the fear of embarrassing myself. Training with Anne was also a learning experience. I would leave each session with a better understanding of which exercises worked which muscles and it helped me get out of my boring routine of only cardio and leg machines. It changed everything I thought I knew about working out.

Now training with Anne wasn't just a typical trainer/client relationship. It turned into going out for meals, supporting her at her events, going out for drinks and to the club and going to brunch the morning after a rough night. She became a friend, a really good one. She also became an encouragement. Any time something bad would happen, the other girls and I could always count on her to give us those words of encouragement to get us through whatever drama was plaguing us at the time and the same vice versa. She has a genuine soul and will always call you out on your bull and tell you to "stop playing yourself" in her DJ Khaled voice. I can't say enough about how great she is as a trainer and as a friend. I would highly recommend Anne if you're looking for a trainer. She will help you tremendously and will always keep it real with you, unlike some of these big brand fitness trainers you see on social media nowadays. Do it! I promise you won't regret it.


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