Jackylyn Nicolas

Where do I begin....

A year ago i decided I needed some kind of change in my fitness journey. 

I always wanted a trainer, but i just didn't want a trainer that only cared about the money and social media life. If that were the case I would have just looked up things online, right.

I wanted to do my research first. I was following Anne on Instagram for a bit. Her training seem legit and her clients were everyday people just like me. That's what caught my eye the  most. When she posted that she was taking in new clients in March 2017 that's when I finally took the leap and contacted her. Funny thing is that still wasn't enough, following her on IG. I still wanted to make sure she was "REAL" lol. So before I started training with her I asked Anne if I can come by to "check out" the spot where she was training at. When I first met Anne off that bat she was super sweet and very inviting. She made sure i felt comfortable and welcomed. That made it even more reassuring that I made the right choice 

Fast forward,  a year into my training with Anne I must say this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has taught me so much physically and mentally. Physically I didn't like what i saw in myself which hurt me mentally. But within the past year I have learned so much from Anne and because of her I learned to LOVE fitness and I learned to LOVE myself inside and out. Anne instilled in my that fitness should be fun not just a routine. And that's what she does with her training, she makes it FUN !!! There may be days where I don't want to go train but the minute I walk in there she totally knows how to change my mood with her contagious smile and good vibes she always has.And with all of this one of the biggest and one of the most important thing she has taught her #ANNESARMY  is  the difference between reality and that social media life. Getting lost between those two can effect a person how they look at fitness and question weather they can "be like the IG model" but with Anne's knowledge and her way of training she makes us feel confident in ourselves and what reality is to reach our goal...in a safe and healthy way.

Anne I appreciate you so much!!!! Not only are you an AWESOME trainer but you have became one of my closet friends!!!!! Love you to the moon and back mamas. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and your #ANNESARMY. Can't wait to see what this fitness journey has in store for all of us!!!!!! 


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