Diana Hua

My fitness journey has been one big roller coaster. Since 2011, I have been trying to get healthy and have a better lifestyle. I have been through personal training and trained with at least 4 trainers and have lost weight from them but the past year and a half I have hit rock bottom. I had to cancel my gym membership due to an employee that made a rude comment to me. I lost all motivation and confidence for awhile. I followed Anne on instagram for awhile and have been wanting to try her bootcamps for a long time, but I was very scared and nervous. In January of 2016, that was when I decided to take the leap of faith and to start working out again and to be healthy. I decided to sign up for her bootcamp. 

I went to her first bootcamp of the year and it was the best decision I have ever made. Anne and the girls were all so friendly and supportive. The girls made me feel very comfortable. Every girl in Anne’s Army is working on their own goals.  Anne’s training is great, it is always different, something new and challenging as well. Her bootcamps and the girls make me want to workout again. I actually look forward to every session, and I don’t dread my workouts. From that bootcamp to this day, I have gained so many new girlfriends that are all so empowering and supportive. Not only do we workout together, we go out and have fun and support each other in events. I know that they will all be there for me when I need it, and so will I. 

Anne is not only my trainer/coach but she is one of my girlfriends. She is super empowering, genuine, friendly, awesome and so real! She is always there when you need her and gives the best dvice. She is not just there for training, I know she genuinely cares about each and every one of us.  I have been with a lot of trainers and I know that Anne actually cares about us and not about the money. She really wants us to grow, whether it is physically, mentally, or both. While working with her, I am starting to gain more confidence and to really start loving myself and to have a balance in life. I have also learned to not compare myself to anyone, I am beautiful in my own way. Thank you Anne, for all that you do for us, you are truly an inspiration and I am very appreciative of you.  I know that I have a long way to go on my fitness journey, but I know that with Anne’s help, I will be able to get back to being happy and healthy. 


Diana Hua, Real Estate Agent, IG: dianadance26

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