Dannie Phan

It has been a wonderful experience to have Anne Phung as my personal trainer. Not only is she patient and kind but she has a down to earth and authentic personality that can be hard to find in the heath and fitness industry. 

Anne always changes up the workout so that you’re always learning new techniques and mastering all the correct form. Training never gets boring and you always feel challenged. I really appreciate that because it makes me excited to come to the gym to try something new. 

Fitness goes beyond a single boot camp or one month at the gym. Anne helps build the proper muscle memory so you can eventually do it on your own and become sustainable with your workout. I’ve been using what she taught me on my own and it blows my mind on how much of a difference it’s made. I was so ineffective in my workouts and prone to injuries in the past. Now I leave the gym fully maxed out. 

I also enjoy the network and community that she is building with her clients. You never feel alone in your fitness journey. There’s a strong group of ladies cheering you on along the way.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in the Orange County area consider Anne Phung to be your guide. She primarily works in Huntington Beach but will do special events all over Southern California. 

Dannie Phan - Garden Grove, CA

Dannie P.
Dannie P.
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