Charlene Mae Elacion

"Inspiration, Passion and Motivation is what makes up of Anne’s Army.

I’ve attended Anne’s Boot camp this past March and met some of the most amazing set of people I’ve came across to in my life. Although we would only see each other twice a week, these group of ladies would always find a way to have everyone get together again. The thing I loved most about boot camp was everyone’s great, positive energy - the right mind set of goals. 

I’ve had a few injuries here and there which brought me to a time where I almost didn’t believe in myself and was discouraged on being able to be physically active and fit again. Joining boot camp definitely help me gain more confidence in myself, mentally and physically - Anne has been an inspiration by helping me find this balance that I’ve been needing, from having to find time in between, work, studying and now keeping a consistent workout. From what I wanted this to be as a, “Jump start Fitness Journey,” for myself months ago, to now a SOLID routine in my life. There is never really enough time in a day, but anything is possible when you put your heart and mind into it, right? And being able to see how each and every one of these ladies grow by strength from all the hard work they put into Anne’s workouts is amazing. I’m so grateful and happy to have shared this experience with everyone, and thankful enough to have met new friends along the way. Anne, with the short amount of time knowing you this year, you really are the best! Wishing you so much more happiness, success and growth in all your future endeavors. XOXO By the way, don’t let her smile fool you, she’ll really kick your ass (in bootcamp) and your body will cry tears (in sweat form)."


Anne Phung NguyenComment